Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Knitted facecloths

Washcloth collage

Bonjour! Just using the guest poster pass to share these facecloths with you.

I knitted these up last weekend; each took maybe an hour and half to do, and I'm sure it would taken an experienced knitter even less time. They're perfect for using up small amounts of yarn in your stash - I used three different cotton yarns, of varying weights, and a US size 7 needle for all three. The pattern is super simple, easily done even by a novice knitter like me. I found it here on Ravelry.

The facecloths look and feel really nice. I'm going to a tie a little ribbon around them and slip them in a me-made drawstring bag, along with a bar of organic soap. Et voilĂ ! Another present done.

Happy holiday crafting!


  1. For people who can't knit -- like ME!!! - handmade washcloths like those are a big hit - I have some made for me by a niece and I love them :) Your packaging idea sounds perfect - I'm sure the gifts will be appreciated by their recipients!

  2. Gorgeous idea! I'm going to have a go at these for my friend's baby (and for me as well, haha)!

  3. My sister made some for me a few years ago, and they're wonderful! Good gift!