Thursday, 20 December 2012

Wow, a whole year gone by......

...... and here I am back at the lovely Crafty Christmas Club blog.  As we in the US balance precariously on the edge of the "fiscal cliff"  I see it will be another year of very sparse gift-giving.  I've made my usual socks and also this cute little wreath.  The snow men are from a kit from the Herrschner's Craft Catalog.

 Then I just went crazy at Hobby Lobby to find little bits and pieces to make up the wreath.

I am usually quite traditional in my color schemes for Christmas, but I really like all the aqua blue and lime green I see out there in the "modern world"!

So many more ideas dancing through my head, but I'm running out of time.  Oh well, there's always next year!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I know its super early...

But i've already been hard at work with Christmas gifts owing to a nearly zero budget this year, and i've been desperate to post!
(for those who read my blog you know we bought a rundown house leaving us with practically zilch)
I've added knitting to my repertoire this year so heres my list so far of people and presents i'd like to get done.

I am making for
Mum -Frilly Scarf/ Chilli Jam
Dad - Hat that actually Fits his head/ Chilli oil
Brother - Manly cowl or hat?/ Recipe book (student)
Girl Cousin - Headband using Stefanie Japel's Scarflette pattern and maybe some easy mittens
Auntie - Metallic colourway frilly scarf/ Chilli Jam
Sister in Law - Honey cowl in seriously pink glittery yarn
Mother in Law - Green Frilly Scarf
Father in Law - Chilli oil,
Best Friend - Honey cowl in earthy autumn tones.

This may increase depending on my productivity.
The frilly scarf above is the first of many. This is for my Mama to compliment her favorite emerald green coat.
I've nearly completed a plain green one for M.I.L

As always this is hush hush as my family read my blog, But please feel free to mosey on over there!
I'm at

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Until next year...

Crafty Christmas Club crafters - good work! Thank you for sharing all your lovely makes and being inspirational. Let's give ourselves a break now until next year - the blog will be open again from Autumn 2012. If new members would like to join, please get in touch then.

See you anon!