Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas Outfit...

Hi, Pam here from Threading My Way. Christmas is approaching WAY too quickly and I have SO much to do. Here's a little Christmas outfit I've just finished.

This little outfit was so quick and easy to make. Once again I used the 30 Minute Shorts pattern from Create HOPE Designs. It really is so quick and easy to make up. It's the perfect pattern for a beginner sewer.

Instead of a cuff this time, I added three, little pleats at the front and at the outside side seam. On top of that, I sewed a strip of navy, grosgrain ribbon.

The t-shirt is store bought with an appliqué of a Christmas tree added. I'll do a post on my blog soon showing how I appliqué on a t-shirt.

It was late at night (actually, it was in the early hours of the morning), when I was ready to appliqué the Christmas tree. As I didn't want to wake Mr TMW (and because I'm impatient), I thought I'd experiment with appliquéing by hand. I've just done a blanket stitch around the edges of the tree. Even though it has been fused to the t-shirt,  I don't know whether it will fray with washing. Anyway, I like how it looks. To make the tree stand out more, I've added a simple row of running stitch around the tree. I know it looks a little puckered, but it's not. I really should have ironed the t-shirt before I took photos. I tried stitching a star above the tree, but it didn't work. To finish it off, I added a few navy buttons. To my eye, the top button is in the wrong position. It should come down a tad. If it annoys me enough, I'll move it

To complete the outfit, I've made a couple of hair ties, using this tutorial for a flower headband by Cass Can Sew. I've secured the hair tie to the flower with ribbon. It's very easy, but next time I'll take photos, if you would like to see how it's done. As you can see, the buttons are upcycled.

That's it; a very quick and easy little outfit to wear for Christmas...


  1. Christmas is getting nearer. There are more Christmas Decorations work need to be done. One can enjoy a Happy Christmas if all the arrangements and plan works well. This Christmas Outfit is looking good, what about the hat! Post about the decoration of Christmas hat. Wish you a Happy Christmas

  2. That's a great little outfit - the buttons on the tree are fine, and the little hair decorations are the perfect finish for the set :) (I have 2 expectant nieces so I hope there's a baby girl coming - I want to sew cutie girly things like this!)

  3. Thanks so much. I have to admit, I do enjoy sewing girlie things more than boy things.