Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas bunting

I've got my first set of Christmas decorations finished - the Christmas bunting went up today. This is a big moment - it's the first time Christmas decorations have made an appearance in nearly four years of living in our flat. I followed the instructions from Saints and Pinners for the festive mini bunting. Well, I say followed, but after marking it out on a piece of card I realised it was smaller than I wanted. So I doubled it up to 8cm wide, and set about cutting it all up with my rotary cutter and pinking shears.

Three fat quarters has given me enough bunting to go across the main wall of my living room. I could have got even more out, but made a rookie error - my snowman fabric is directional, so doesn't work upside down.

Nevermind - lesson learnt for next time, and having a little less of the red has meant that I've had to be a little more creative when it came to setting it out. I quite like that it's not a regimented red, white and green.

Oh, and I'm so over reindeers. I've nearly finished the antlers in the Mark Darcy jumper, then it's the 'simple' task of finishing the neckline, knitting two sleeves, blocking and making up.

I'm not going to lie - I'm seriously tempted to make this into a tank top. But I'll persevere with it in the hope there's enough time left to bring it all together!

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  1. I'd never thought of making bunting for Christmas - great idea!