Saturday, 6 November 2010

Two purses finished

I've now finished my second purse as well. As with the first one I still need to finish the details. I will take the purses to the supply store some day and see what they have, I know they have an extensive assortment of notions, so I'm sure I can find something there.
Also, like the first one, this one also goes in black and red, I think those colours are great for a party purse. It doesn't look very nice in shape without the closure, but it looks good with it.And both purses together. For my cousins, I haven't decided who will get which purse, but I guess I'll wrap them and stick the labels on without knowing which is which. They're not that different.

My next project is a stuffed animal for my niece, I'm right now doing embroidery for the first time in a long time; sewing the eyes and nose for my deer.


  1. They're lovely. Well done, you're really steaming through your present list! x

  2. Well done! They´re beautiful presents