Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Christmas Market

I haven't started on the gifts yet, my son goes to the coolest elementary school and in order to pay for their surfing lessons, yes, you have read me right, surfing lessons amongst other cool things they do all year, they have a Christmas Market/Bake Sale and I made a series of colorful Christmas placemats for them to sell. 
With the leftovers, that's what happens when you buy yards in the States and then find European matching fabric in meters, I made little gift bags for small items.

You all sew so well, tutorials are moot right?


  1. What a cool school...what else do they do? The placemats look great - I love the bauble fabric.

  2. They are going away for a week in June, biking! The fabric is Hallmark's I got it at if you need any.