Thursday, 25 November 2010

Christmas hearts and bunting

This week, amongst other crafty endeavours, I've been making some Christmas decorations.

I used this tutorial to make these heart decorations:

I'd already made a tiny string of them in pink just because, but using this chunky wool and a size 8 hook makes really cute big hearts. I think I'll make a lot of them and string them by the window.

I've also made this 'ho ho ho' bunting.

I used red and white felt and a checked ribbon I found in my stash. I think it's quite cute, I'm going to put it underneath my wreath (when I finally manage to make one - I may just cave and buy this one from Paperchase). I haven't decided what to put on the blank pieces yet - thinking snowflakes on the red, but what on the white? A stocking? I think it should stick to the red and white colour scheme. What do you think? 

Carly xo


  1. the bunting is great :) i would go with snowflakes!

  2. That wreath is great. But you can make one. I did it using this tutorial last year.

    it worked really well. You need a zillion baubles though. And the glue gun is a must, not an option!


  3. So adorable! I might have to shamelessly copy this bunting...

  4. Hi Lore, thanks for the link to the wreath tutorial - I will see if I can gather together enough baubles to give it a go! (I am buying pretty much everything new this year as it's the first time I've had a whole flat to decorate myself!) Cx

  5. I love the Christmas hearts. They would look wonderful on the Christmas tree.