Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hello everybody and thanks for receiving me here! My name is Anca and I blog in Falushtain, the imaginary world in which the creatures I make live.

This year, I am aiming for 90% of my presents to be handmade. Here are my ideas so far:
- polar fleece pyjamas for my bf
- scarves for most of the women in my life
- little dollies for the children in the lives of the women in my life (:D)
- some gothic spats and other lacy gothic accessories for one of my friends
- other little stocking fillers that I might dream up.

So far, I've made some scarves, using a tutorial over at Ruffles and Stuff. They are great looking and I'm planning to make a lot more in a lot more colour combinations.
By the way, a question for the sewing specialists out there: why is it that some fabrics ruffle more than others? (I used the same elastic thread and the same thread tension). Has it got something to do with the thickness of the fabric?

And a phone pouch for my friend the owl lover. I think it turned out quite cute, if I may say so myself:
Have a creative day! :)


  1. The phone pouch is really good - be proud!


  2. yes, the different thickness, or a tighter/looser weave, will change how much it gathers. when you have a thicker or more closely woven fabric, try a slightly longer stitch length to give the elastic thread a little more length to work with. hope that helps.
    love those scarves. might have to steal your idea!

  3. Feel free to steal it, it's not my idea, hehe. And thanks for the tip! Oh, btw, I've just finished another one :)