Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hello, Tilly here, long time no post, but yesterday some friends came over for Craft Club, so I have some craft to show you!

Here is a lovely (if I do say so myself) felt rose brooch I made using Marie's wonderful tutorial

I sewed a brooch back onto a circle of felt to attach to the back (excuse the slapdash stitching).

Hélène made a pink one to go with her lovely top. Very easy, very satisfying, highly recommended! I think I'm going to make quite a few of these for all the ladies in my family...

I also made a pretty poppy bead necklace under careful instruction from my friend Anna. This is destined for one of my female relatives.

And finally, a two minute project made from buttons threaded onto organza ribbon. I think I'll keep this one!


  1. Oh, those rose felt brooches are gorgeous. I just bought some brooch pins in an absent-minded notions shopping moment, with no thought of what to use them for... until now! Might just have to make one this afternoon. x

  2. Thanks for using and featuring my tutorial Tilly, it's good to know that people have found it useful.The roses you guys made look great!

  3. Thoe rose pins are gorgeous! I know I have some brooch pins somewhere, I think I'll make a couple.

  4. Update.... made one this afternoon, it took about 20 minutes and it's gorgeous!

  5. I'll admit that usually, I think fabric flowers are quite heinous (sorry!), but I really love the way these roses look! These have a great character about them. If I ever make flowers, these will certainly be the ones. :) Thanks Marie & Tilly!

  6. I love those flowers, and I want to have a craft group like yours. It's a little too far to travel from Devon. I'm jealous. I love hearing about all of your little things you make. Keep inspiring us all Tilly.

  7. I love those fabric flowers Tilly/Maria - as I said in my post I will definitely be trying them, off to John Lewis this lunchtime to pick my felt. The button necklace is also too cute for words!

    I am also intrigued by the idea of Craft Club Tilly - did you set it up with some like-minded friends or did you meet via Craft Club? Do you meet regularly or just every now and again? May see if I can get something going in my area.