Monday, 7 November 2011

Wrapped Up...

Hi, I'm Pam from Threading My Way and today I'd like to show you how I'll be wrapping presents this Christmas. It's a bit back to front, because I haven't even finished any presents I'll be making yet. But I tend to do things as I feel like it, rather than to a plan.

I've been experimenting with different types of fabric bags to use instead of wrapping paper. After use, the bags can be packed away, ready for next time. This will save the mountains of paper that we tend to use each year.

Pictured above are the easiest bags to make. They only takes a couple of minutes. 
  • Sew 2 pieces of fabric, right sides together.
  • Use pinking shears on the 3 seams. If using a non-directional print,  only 2 side seams are needed.
  • Turn right side out and finish the top with pinking shears.
  • Tie with the ribbon of your choice.

The green bag pictured only takes a few minutes longer.
  • Place 2 pieces of fabric, right sides together.
  • Place 2 pieces of ribbon into one of the seams.
  • Sew the seams
  • Finish the seams with a zig zag or serger.
  • Hem the top.

Drawstring bags can be made as big or as small as you need them. I used this Treasure Bag tutorial. These bags can be part of the gift for the recipient and can be used for a myriad of things.

The last type of bag I'll be using for wrapping, will be the totes pictured. These can be left as is, or tied with ribbons. I've also experimented with using red hair clips to keep them closed. The totes can, of course, be made in any size. They can be reused the next year, or can be part of the gift for the recipient. I used this tote pattern.

Now that I've worked out how I will be wrapping presents, I'd better get moving on making the actual presents.


  1. I really like the ideas of using the fabric bags. Thank you very much, Pam for sharing these tutorials with us. :)

  2. Lovely idea... I'll probably try it as well.

  3. Great Idea. I cringe everytime I have to use loads of wrapping paper this is a fab alternative. (Sometimes I use wallpaper samples to wrap presents and stick sequins or glitter on them!)

  4. I'll be swiping this idea instead of buying gift bags for the toiletry stashes I give. The shop selected gift sets ALWAYS have items in the recipient won't use.

  5. Great ideas....i think i might be whipping up a few of these bags myself. I love the fabrics you have used here too.