Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Quick Question about Edible Gifts

I've never made sweets for gifts before, but this year I would like to try making Marshmallows and/or lollipops.

How close to the Big Date should I make these? I'm mostly concerned about the marshmallows. Also any tips or words of wisdom would be appreciated - this will be a new venture for me!

Thanks alot :)

This is such a great community for crafty holiday ideas. I love this time of year! You can see my Handmade Holiday Planning over on my Blog.


  1. I make marshmallows every year and they have become a family favorite. I make them as close to the day I'll be giving them away as I can but they do hold up for a week or two. I have used different recipes to varying success but Martha Stewart's is now my stand by. My husband says he likes the ones that use egg whites better than the eggs-less version but they fail more often and can get an odd crispy outer layer that I don't like. I give mine with homemade hot cocoa mix, make pretty tags, and they always go over well.Cheap and super yum. Good luck!

  2. AWESOME! Thank you for the tips :D That is great!

  3. I use Hugh F-W's recipe (but without the beetroot juice) - Rather than dust in the cornflower and icing sugar once they've set and been cut up, I coat in toasted coconut. Not to everyone's taste, I know, but it does seem to remain less sticky than with just the icing sugar so might keep a bit longer.

    I think the longest they've lasted at home is a week, but that's mostly down to our appetite rather than the marshmallows going funny!