Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Doing it in private . . .

Here's what I decided to make as a surprise present for my daughter - she likes Fair Isle/Nordic style knitwear.  I went for a pair of socks rather than mittens - you're less likely to lose one sock  no matter how drunk you get in the student union bar!  I stopped putting her mits on strings a long time ago. 

My main Christmas craft difficulty (apart from lack of time - obviously there's never enought time) is that I'm struggling to make secret gifts for my partner and younger daughter who lives at home.  I'm considering using work lunch breaks (total three hours per week) otherwise I'll have to lock myself in the bathroom.  What does everyone else do?


  1. love this fairisle - and such a fab raspberry colour! I say knit in public, squeeze a few rows in wherever you can; on the bus, in the pub, meeting a friend for coffee. :) x

  2. I've got my own office/Crafts room, where I store gifts and retire to make stuff. Sometimes I also use the large dining room table, early on Sat/Sun morning, when the BF is still asleep. That gives me several extra hours for crafting. But my room is the best, I can leave stuff lying around. ^^

  3. I hide in a room (not the bathroom, though!). Maybe you could ask your partner to take the younger daughter out for a few hours so you can work on their gifts? Definitely remind them to call when they're on their way back, though!

  4. Oooh, I love the colour and pattern - where is the pattern from?

    I'm afraid I live by myself so can't help, I have projects lying around everywhere!

  5. The pattern is taken from Alice Starmore's book of Fair Isle Knitting

    shown on my blog

    I'm taking the socks to work tomorrow!