Thursday, 3 November 2011

Meet Me At Oxfam

I am excited, delighted and proud to announce that I have been asked to contribute a series of guest posts for no less than the Oxfam Fashion Blog!

Focusing on creative DIY and sustainable knits, I get to spend the next couple of months researching and putting together tutorials, how-to's and any other resources I can muster to (hopefully) inspire the Oxfam readers to discover the joy and satisfaction of putting in the time and love (and minimal monies) for a homemade holiday season.

My first post is a tutorial on how to make the above intricate fairisle hot water bottle covers, with not a knitting needle in sight!  I don't think any household can have too many hotties, and these are so easy peasy and super quick to make, and always an appreciated and useful gift.


  1. Amazing!Hot watter bottle cover is nice and funny gift idea:)

  2. May have to look into making a few of these!

  3. How exciting! These hot water bottle covers are super cute and I agree that you can never have too many!

  4. Cool. That is a great tutorial!