Saturday, 19 November 2011

Crafty coasters

Hi everyone! Stitchybritt here.

I'm seeing some great (and inspirational) crafting going on at the Crafty Christmas Club.  I'm especially amazed by the knitted gifts people are whipping up - I know they take hours and hours of work.  Meanwhile, I know my time between now and Christmas will be stretched.  Work will be really busy, and I have to go to Perth for week.  So I've decided on all quick-win projects for Christmas gifts (yes, I finally wrote out my list!).  One of these quick win projects was crafty coasters.

Cutting out the birdy shapes

Birdy shapes, ready for stitchin'

The idea from these coasters came from Pip Lincolne's Meet Me at Mikes book.  They take only a small amount of fabric and have a sweet looking birdy stitched on one side (with matching fabric on the back of the coasters).  They're supposed to have a cute scrawly look, so stitching out of the lines is totally ok!

The first couple of coaster fronts done!
I think these coasters will be for my boyfriend's sister, as she'd appreciate the cuteness of them.
Finished coasters!  And all in one sitting!
 Other things to come from my list:

Smokey barbeque sauce (I promise to post the recipe)
Crocheted face washers
Embroidered hankies
Some of Tilly's famous bow belts

I haven't planned any makey stuff for boyfriend yet, but I really should.  Thinking maybe the boxer shorts.  What are you making for the men in your lives?

Stitchybritt xx


  1. They are really cute! I'm not making anything for my other half, he wouldn't appreciate it. For the other men in my life they're mainly getting little things and loads of baking!

  2. I really like these - so simple but cute. I'll have to raid my scrap bag for all those "this could be useful someday" pieces I hoard!

  3. These are really cute! I love the scrawly, scribbly aspect of the drawings. Did you put anything inside them to stabilize them or is it just two pieces of fabric?

  4. It's just two pieces of fabric, but the fabric is heavy cotton so it is fairly sturdy.