Saturday, 23 October 2010

Handmade Jane

Hi, I’m Jane and I’ve been sewing with a passion for just over a year.  I recently started my blog Handmade Jane where I talk about things I’ve made (frocks and craft items).

Here I am with one of my elves
I’d love to make some handmade gifts this year, because I think they’ll be really appreciated and I’ll get a lot of pleasure from making them.  I tested the water by making birthday presents for my mum and my mother in law this year, and they both went down a storm.  Even if it’s just a small lavender bag, to me handmade means much more than yet another gift set from Boots.

I’ll be trying my hand at making little purses, make-up brush rolls, 50's style half pinnies and lavender bags. I’m more than happy to share links to any on-line tutorials I’ve found (all easy ones!) and any suppliers I’ve found useful. Mostly though, I’m looking forward to seeing what everybody else has been making.  That’s basically what I spend way too much of my time doing anyway, reading sewing blogs! Can’t wait!  x

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  1. Hi Jane, great to have more crafty people on board. Let's definitely share online tutorials - I've made so many things from online patterns.