Saturday, 23 October 2010

Organza fabric flowers are the flavour of the month in my house

Hi everyone and especially Tilly.  What an awesome blog this will be when its filled with great gift ideas.

My name is Lore and I sew a lot over here:  SewRedHot

Anyway, I'd like to kick off with my latest passion.   The organza fabric flower.

There are so many tutorials for these, and perhaps they are a bit old hat now, but I made my first one the other day and I'm totally hooked.   They can be used to embellish bags or put on hair ties.  Perfect for kids.

Anyway, like I said, there are tons of tutes, but my favourite is Calamity Kim's here

And to make it easy to have circles of many differing sizes, my wonderful blogless but super crafty friend Tanya has created a template of a bunch of different sized circles.   Its loaded up on google docs here.  

I had three colours only to start with.  Red satin and red organza and pink organza.   But the flower looked really flat.   We added a plum satin and orange satin and it really brought the flower to life.  So I ran out and bought some more satin.   The organza adds a lovey touch, but its the satin that gives the flower some oomph.    Question:   How many times can you say satin in one paragraph before you think 'alright, enough with the satin already'.   Answer:  Five.

Anyway my daughter made one

and rooting through my stash we found some gold and did a monochrome gold one. 

That I tied onto a pony tail and wore to the Paul Weller gig at the enmore. He loved my flower.   Well, I bet he would have.  He's a cool guy.

So today I made a little zippered pouch out of purple velvet with a hot red inside and a red flower.   Is this the stuff of christmas present bliss?



  1. Hi Lore! Great to have not only another Sydney-sider, but another Inner-Westie on the team.

  2. Love the flowers and the make-up bag is gorgeous too. x

  3. the purple velvet is so cute with that flower! Something i'm going to try - my mom would love it!

  4. Heavenly! I am so much a fan of fabric flowers - yours are amazing (& great idea to pair with the velvet bag)
    I'm going to have to give it a try x