Friday, 29 October 2010

La Inglesita on her 15 bags mission

Hi everyone, I'm Maria and I love designing and sewing clothes for my children that I blog here. This year I planned to give handmade gifts to my girlfriends so this blog is just what I need. As a good fabric addict does, I have accumulated yards of beautiful fabrics over the year. Now it's the perfect moment to get them out of my stash and use them. I'm going to make 15 (yes, fifteen, 1 and 5 ) of the Charlie bag, following this tutorial by verypurpleperson
I will start in a couple of weeks so if any of you has made it I'll be very glad to receive advice.
Thank you in advance for all your ideas and happy making!


  1. Wow, good luck with your 15 bags. The Charlie bag is on my second list for Christmas, which I will get to if I finish my other things in time.

  2. They're going to be gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing your finished items.

  3. I love seeing how ambitious you are! Thats really inspiring for me. I bet that if you go about sewing them assembly-line style, it won't take that long at all.
    Can't wait to see the beautiful fabrics!

  4. 15? Holy dooley! They look simple, and we do have almost 2 months... right? Best of luck!