Saturday, 23 October 2010

Oh my this is exciting!

I've recently started a blog called Magpie Mimi as I'm trying to teach myself how to sew.  So far I find making clothes too scary most of the time to even attempt, but am trying my hand at everything else that can be sewn together into something useful or beautiful (hopefully) I aspire to William Morris' philosophy.  In an effort to improve my sewing skills and to give something that I'd really thought about and put time and effort into I decided to have a handmade Christmas, or as much of one as possible.  I'd been inspired by Kirsty Allsop and her Christmas series last year on Channel 4 on how she tried her hand at making a handmade gifts.

My sanity is slowly slipping away though, as I have three nieces and two nephews all of which I'm trying to make a dressing up box for as they're all under 6 years of age and then trying to make handbags and other pretty things for my three sisters, mother and mother-in-law and girlfriend of boyfriend's brother.  Not to mention the men, who I think will all get edible treats.  And on top of that I thought at some point it would be a wonderful idea to make my own crackers and fill them with hand made chocolates....  I need some help!

Hopefully I can learn some more things from everyone and maybe give some ideas to a few.  I do feel like the dunce of this class as can see I have the least sewing and making experience...I'll be the one in the corner with the pointy hat with a D on it! As the old saying goes though, practice makes perfect!  I know I've got one fan though as my cat Fizz keeps running away with the things I've made lately, especially the bunnies!

Here's some pictures of the stuff I've made so far, most I've got from tutorials from other bloggers, but have a few things I've made up myself and things I've tweaked from other blogger's patterns that I will be posting about soon.

Bunnies made from Betz White pattern
Fascinator using Prudent Baby feather hair clip tutorial as inspiration

Bias tape bag from Prudent Baby pattern with adjustments
American Indian feather headband - my own design

Large clown hats - my own design


  1. Those bunnies are ultra cute - I can see why Fizz likes them. Glad to be crafty with you.

  2. Hello! I also was hooked on Kirsty Allsopp - although wanted to see her make more of the things herself!!! Happy pre Christmas crafting!

  3. Really glad to meet you all and can't wait to see what we're all going to make for Christmas!

    I was sad Kirsty didn't make more stuff, but really made me want to learn how to blow glass. There's a place in Hay on Wye where you can watch an artist at work, not sure how easy it would be to persuade him to teach me though!

  4. Crackers, of course! I forgot about those. I made some last year - the funnest part was making up my own jokes to go in them, all of which went down like a lead balloon but at least I thought they were funny! Very cute things you've made so far.

  5. Thank you so much! I've been wondering about jokes and just can't decide whether to include them or not. I'm definitely making tissue paper crowns though, they're a must!