Saturday, 23 October 2010

a warm hello!

Hi fellow crafters! My name is Emily, and I have a blog called seymour. I've been a crafty gifter for most of my life- the first handmade gifts I can remember making are the door sachets I gave to my mom in first or second grade. :) My favorite things to do include sewing, baking, crocheting & drawing. It is so exciting to continue the tradition with all of you as fresh inspiration!

kitchen, natural habitat.

So far, my I've listed most potential present recipients (I hope the list can stay as long as it is!), and some gifts that sound fun to make. That list includes:

  • mittens
  • tree skirt (a pre-Christmas Christmas present)
  • scarves/snoods
  • handmade cards
  • hats
  • keychains
  • shave kit/ makeup bags
  • pajama bottoms (I think we can all agree this is an excellent gifty project!)
  • simple, easy fitting tops and dresses, like Simplicity 3835
  • stuffed animals/amigurumi
  • bookmarks
  • baked goodies with pretty packaging


  1. Hi Emily. That is a great list! You're going to be busy. (BTW, what is a tree skirt?) I'm a bit of a baker too, so I'd love to see your Christmas recipes here as well.

  2. Hello Emily,
    I've just checked out your blog & love the combination of things you get craetive with... looking forward to your christmas inspirations!

  3. thanks to both of you!

    stitchybritt- a tree skirt is a circular piece of fabric with a slit that is put around the bottom of a Christmas tree (it may only be traditional in the US? not sure.). If you google image search "tree skirt" you'll see tons! Many are super tacky, but they can be adorable and/or beautiful as well :)