Saturday, 23 October 2010

Hello from Scruffybadgertime

I'm Scruffybadgertime & mainly love to sew & make jewellery, over here at Scruffybadgertime.

Every year, Christmas & birthday I at least try to make my friends pressies, although this year I'm feeling more ambitious & want to add more handmade pressies to the list. This means I need to get started, & am so looking forward to getting some inspiration from Crafty Christmas Clubbers.

My theme this year seems to be nightwear ... (last few years it's been jewellery)
I am tempted to make my girlfriends some PJs a bit like these (& Tilly's!), all presented in a matching drawstring bag, & maybe with some cute crochet slippers? I could make matching washbags/ make up bags as well ....(oh, I can so easily get carried away!!)

Then for my Mum, I'd love to be able to capture that "perfect" nightdress that she can't get anywhere - I've a 70s pattern that I'm hoping will work.

For my man, he is so short of clothes - where would I start? He could do with the whole lot!
Flowery (& otherwise) shirts feel tempting for the important menfolk in my world (those that would appreciate them!). Would it be worth trying to make boxers? Has anyone else ever given them a go?

I have a feeling I am likely to go off track when I catch other people's great ideas! This is very exciting!


  1. Hi Scruffy, it's good to be crafting with you. I might need to call on your sewing expertise at some point - I checked out your blog and I've got to say - I've never sewn silk before!

  2. Hi Scruffy - I made boxers for my husband, father-in-law and nephew for Christmas a couple of years ago. They're really easy to do and I know they're being used and appreciated. Can't remember the pattern - but I can look it up if you're interested.

  3. OOOh Robyn, if you could recommend a boxers pattern that would be great!
    And Stitchybritt - I'm delighted to share any sewing I can.... & am so looking forward to following your giftpertise too (I think you'll be very inspiring!)

  4. Hi Scruffy, what would be a good starter project for learning how to crochet and do you know of any good starter kits? I'd love to learn as I've seen a few things in crochet that I want to make, mainly the hat you're sporting! Your how to wear the hat pictures on your blog post made me smile!


  5. I love the idea of PJs, matching slippers and a drawstring bag - so cute!

  6. Hi Mimi, Sorry - I hadn't checked out the comments ! The book that I got for starting to crochet was "The Happy Hooker" by Debbie Stoller (It's part of the Stitch 'n bitch series). I am a relatively newbie crocheter, & they all say Granny Squares are a good starting point. I love making crochet flowers though - so my first project would be a granny square cushion cover (with crochet flowers on it). The beret in my picture was also quite easy & that was in a crochet magazine.