Monday, 25 October 2010

You Gotta Roll With It

Sewing Roll of Dreams

Hi there, Karen here from Didyoumakethat? I'm thrilled to be part of the Crafty Christmas Club. Talk about getting off to a flying start. There's no holding you lot back!

Scrambling to keep up, I've just completed a sewing roll from a book called Quilt Yourself Gorgeous. This is a lovely, lovely book. For the past few nights, it's been my reading material before going to sleep. I love Mandy Shaw's relaxed, friendly narrative style and down-to-earth approach. Here's a quote from her introduction:

'I have to admit I'm not a perfectionist. I like quick and fast techniques; I cut corners but not charm, compromising on rules, but not on results. I think we have one life to live and we should get on with it! Love what you make, to your own self be true and sew, sew, sew!'

She also embroidered this fabulous quote on the back of one of her samplers:

'Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang the best.'

Isn't that a wonderful motto to share with Sewists - and people in all walks of life?

This book is out in paperback now, so if you wanted to drop hints about your own Christmas presents...

Back to the roll! It was a delight to sew. It uses crazy quilting, which is easy-peasy. I picked out scraps from my stash, each fabric with a blue theme going on. As I started to put the quilting together, I thought it looked a mess (blurgh!) but slowly, slowly I could begin to see how this might come together:

Making the crazy patchwork

One of my favourite parts was creating the little heart pin cushion:

And here's the finished item:

A weekend's work

This could be a weekend's work, though I think one of the delights is being out and about, stopping by stalls and shops and seeing ribbons and applique labels that would be just perfect for your new project. It's a grower, this one! Though I am very proud of the fact that most of mine was made from scraps, which somehow came together.

This roll could easily be adapted for other hobbyists in your life. A child who likes collecting things or a friend who is stationery mad, an embroiderer or make-up fiend. This roll will hold anything! And if you're brand new to quilting, it's a great first project.

I hope it inspires you to make your own!


  1. Hi Karen, and welcome! That's a great gift, but I have to say that I have banned myself from quilting. You see, I already have about 20 000 items in my to-make list, and if I start on the quilting thing, well, you and I both know where that will lead to ; )

  2. I love the quote with the birds! So true! And your sewing roll is really nice.

  3. Hi Karen, I think your sewing roll is lovely. It must have been SO satisfying using up all those scraps! x

  4. Hi Karen
    Not only does it look great, using up scraps (& glad I am not the only one that hangs on to those!) but it looks practical too - (eg zip pocket)I made me one & some things fall out of it if it's held the wrong way up!

  5. Hi Karen

    I may need some advice soon as going to try my hand at quilting a baby blanket as my sister's baby is due the end of January and I'm thinking if I start now I may get it done by then! I'm waiting on the fat quarters to arrive though, but have some scraps too so if I have enough leftovers I can try my hand at one of these rolls too! Thanks for the tutorial!