Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Roll fever

Just a quickie whilst we're on a roll about rolls.  I made this easy make-up brush roll earlier this year using this fab tutorial and I think I'll make a few more for xmas.  The photos aren't great and it was a first attempt, but hopefully you'll get the gist.

Two tips.  Firstly, use the same colour thread to do the brush pockets (it hides a multitude of wonky sewing sins!) Second, increase the length of ribbon by a good few inches than is recommended in the tutorial, as you can see above, it's barely long enough to tie a knot, never mind a bow.

Happy rolling! x


  1. That's really pretty patterned fabric, where did you get it/what's the name of it do you know? I love small bright patterns at the moment. I'm impressed that's your first attempt, and good tip on matching the thread - sneaky!


  2. Hi Mimi, It's a Michael Miller fabric called Ellie and happily, it's currently on sale at www.misformake.co.uk. Go to the sale section and it's in the Michael Miller co-ordinates section (the mushroom fabric), you need to click the page numbers underneath and it will take you through all the fabrics. It's reduced to £2.00 a FQ. I absolutely love it and have used it to make tons of different things, it's got a lovely retro feel too. x