Saturday, 23 October 2010

Hey Christmas Crafters!

Hiya, I'm Stevie from Beebeesvintagedress
I'm really exited about Christmas! Its the first day I've started planning what I want to do present wise. I have a small family and a select amount of friends so it should be totally do-able to wack some sewing in!
I wouldn't mind some advice on what I could make for my 13 year old cousin. She's in the stage of loving Hollister and Abercrombie which is so far out of my budget I can't even see the signs. I thought about pjs but haven't found any useful fabrics yet.
Thanks to Tilly for setting this up by the way!!!


  1. Hi Stevie! 13 year old girl - that's a tough one. Scarves are always a safe option, and if you're not a knitter, you could try this ruffle scarf tutorial here

  2. Hi Stevie, How about a make-up bag with a cute organza flower posted a few posts up by Sew Red Hot ? (I can't imagine anyone not loving one of those!)

  3. At 13 my main priorities were music, make-up and fashion, not much has changed really! I think the scarf and make-up bag ideas are really good. How about a handbag/clutch or an iPod/MP3 protector? Or have you seen this:
    A nice but boring cardi into something more personal and most definitely cute! But of course it depends on her style. Good Luck!