Saturday, 23 October 2010

Welsh Pixie

Hello, I'm Toria and I usually blog over at Welsh Pixie. I recently started dressmaking and crafting and love the satisfaction that comes from making things. I particularly like making toys and bags and have a couple of tutorials I'll be posting over the next few days starting with a simple but cute teddy bear tutorial that should only take an hour or so to knock up. I'm currently scrambling to create stuff for a craft fair for Children In Need so I'll be frantically photographing everything I make in order to write tutorials for here and my own blog, I hope people will find them useful.

When Pigs Fly

I made everyone's presents last year, mostly make-up bags and lavender bath salts or gloves and handbags (the men in my family really got the short straw last year!). I've not even really thought about this year yet and am hoping to gleam some inspiration from everyone else's posts because I'm currently drawing a blank!

Simplicty 4597 Garden Tote

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  1. Hi Toria, yes - please share your tutorials, that would be ace! Welcome aboard.