Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Zip It Up!

Hi there! I'm Karen of Didyoumakethat?

I was honoured to be part of Crafty Christmas Club last year and I'm back like a bad smell! I don't have a list of planned Christmas makes as I tend to be fairly spontaneous and random in my makes, but I'm happy to share projects as they emerge from my head.

A couple of months ago I made a pencil case for a friend, blogged about here. Ever since, I've been determined to make more - so cute! - and the run up to Christmas seemed to be the perfect time.

I took two squares of Cath Kidston fabric - one made out of two oblongs sewn together with a giant piece of ric rac running down the seam:

Following this tutorial, I made a pencil case to die for, with a felt flower attached. The flower came from a kit accompanying an early issue of Mollie Makes. (A subscription to this magazine would make a great Christmas present, if you want to start dropping hints of your own!)

If pencil cases aren't your bag, you could use this as a case for make-up brushes:

Out of two fat quarters you could make four of these pencil cases, so take a look through your scrap box and see what you have to hand. A heavier weight fabric is definitely better to use.

I can't wait to see everyone's projects over the next couple of months. Aren't we TERRIBLY organised?

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  1. So cute. I am putting this one at the top of the list for my grandchild. She will love one in Hello Kitty fabric.