Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hi, I'm Karen and I just started blogging at toomanypastimes .

I'm really glad to have found this group and I am hoping that being part of the Crafty Christmas Club will help me be accountable to my aspirations of making many of my Christmas gifts.

Currently I plan on giving a variety of both sewn stuff and items from the kitchen.
My list include homemade limoncello, various jams and jellies, homemade vanilla and truffles.  On the sewing side  there are skirts, headbands and other items for my two youngest nieces (I owe them birthday presents too), bags, purses or clutches and maybe a lunch bag or two for my co-workers, something for my sister-in-law, and if I can come up with something for my Dad I will be happy.  My husband will get some homemade lounge pants and my son a bag for his laptop.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is making and I'm sure I will get inspiration from your projects!

Happy creating.

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