Friday, 14 October 2011

My Christmas crafting begins

Hi there,

I'm Kirsty and I blog over at The Leopard Anchor. Every year I say I'll make presents for every single person on my list and every year I fail through leaving it too late.

I have just started my Christmas crafting this week by revisiting a craft I haven't done since last winter, crochet.

My sister in law is going to get a pink, cream and grey striped scarf made using this pattern. I'm using a nice cheap chunky yarn & a 10mm hook, it . I've made this scarf before:

In fact, it was the first thing I ever crocheted (& only crochet project I've ever finished) and it's the best scarf I own, if I do say so myself. If I can come up with an appropriate colour combination then my other sister in law will also be receiving a scarf from the same pattern.

My dog likes to pose, can you tell?

I really recommend this pattern to beginner crocheters, it's really straight forward but looks really impressive!


  1. Hi, Kirsty - that's a gorgeous scarf - that project will make wonderful gifts for your SILs :) I love handmade items myself, and as someone who can't crochet (I know the basics but don't do it well, and now I have hand problems and can't do it at all) I would be thrilled with a scarf made just for me by someone :)

    I've noticed there are a few members of my husband's side of the family that aren't appreciative of handmade items so I save my crafting for the ones that I know will appreciate the time and effort that went into making their gift!

  2. Gorgeous scarf, and I hope it makes you break out the hook more often, I love crochet, it's so relaxing.

  3. Thanks ladies :-)

    Sandra, I know exactly what you mean about people who aren't so appreciative, they are the ones the ask where you got something and when you happily announce you made it they say, "oh, right" with not a hint of emotion.

    Wendy, I must try to do it more often as I do really enjoy it.