Thursday, 20 October 2011

Crafty Cath Kidston tutorials

After sharing some cute Cath Kidston tutorials in my last post on this hear wonderful blog, Lore politely asked if I could provide a PDF for the Coat Hanger tutorial. Sorry for the delay in doing this Lore, but I figured while I was at it, I could share all my favourite tutorials from the booklet. I hope they provide good sources of inspiration for you all!

I've uploaded the PDFs to Scribd as I don't know a better way of doing this! You can view the PDFs, but to download and/or print them, you'll need to sign in. You can do this really fast by just filling in the minimum information required.

I've also uploaded the Templates page for you - each tutorial should tell you what % you need to photocopy the corresponding template at.

Hope this is helpful, any problems let me know!


  1. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. is it just me - or does everyone get the same message when trying to download from Scribd? I get asked to either make a payment, or to upload a file before I can download the one I want? I generally find that a fiddle, so I upload my own files for sharing to Google docs ( instead

  2. I can download ok but I think you have to sign up to scribd to get it, I can't rememeber. I certainly have never paid for anything...

    @OP thats great you made these pdfs but I'm not sure if there are copyright issues about making magazine articles available to everyone. I'm never sure of the laws surrounding copying things to blogs I wouldn't want you to get into trouble about it!

  3. @Claire - I'll have to check out Google docs at some point.

    @Louise - you raise a good I stupidly didn't even think about! The magazine was a free insert in the paper, so I don't know what copyright it might come under, but you are probably right. I'll have a look into it!

  4. Where's my comment gone? To the ether? I wrote to say thanks so much for scanning. I didnt have any trouble downloading, but perhaps I subscribed to this service previously? Don't know. Anyway, thanks again. As for copyright, who knows? I'm glad you shared. Its a freebie insert after all. Hardly the same as putting up scans of a book?! (my 2cents there)