Monday, 17 October 2011

My Crafty Christmas List

Hello everybody! I'm Ashley and I blog over at Jellybean's Odds and Ends :) This is my first year at the Crafty Christmas Club. I wasn't confident in my skills last year, and in the end just ran out of time!
So onto the list:

For my friend Becky: Bella's mittens (pattern can be downloaded here). She's a Twilight fan!
For my friend Kirsty: A rather naughty pair of socks that suit her sense of humour ;) Do not follow the link if you're at work! The Ravelry page is here (you have to log in, sorry!) 
For my friend Emma: 198yds of Heaven shawl. Ravelry page here.
For my mum: Again, the 198yds of Heaven shawl. I think she'll like it :)
For my two little sisters, India and Ebony: A little sewn bag each using a pattern I won in a giveaway by Sarah at Rhinestones and Telephones :)
Dom's (my boyfriend) little sister: Also, a little sewn bag.
For my brother Lewis: A slouchy hat. Pattern here. He wears hearing aids, but is a little self conscious about them so he likes to wear hats in the winter to cover them up. I think it's just so he can claim he can't hear us! He'll often turn them off if he doesn't want to listen to you! ;)
For my brother Corey: A pair of fingerless mitts. Practical for a kid always on the go! Ravelry page here.
For my boyfriend Dom: No idea! But maybe a pair of socks. I made him some a while ago, but they're a little loose, so I owe him some that fit better :)

Do-able? I hope so! I've already started Becky's mittens, I'm halfway through the second one. I have the yarn for Kirsty's socks, but I need to order yarn for the other knitting projects. I think I'm going to get a Fat quarter pack of fabric for the little bags. 
So I have a plan, I'd best get crafting!
Ashley x


  1. Hi Ashley!

    Those socks are fantastic - they make me wish I could knit. Good luck with your list, you'll definitely be a busy bee.

  2. Thanks, I'm going to need all the luck I can get to complete the list!
    I love the socks, I just know I'm going to giggle the whole time I'm knitting them! :)
    Ashley x

  3. That's a heck of a list! I love the Bella mitts...wish I was good enough to sew them...maybe soon ;o)