Friday, 21 October 2011

Beebee's Christmas Plan

Hello Christmas Crafters! For those who don't know me I'm Stevie and I blog over at Beebee's Vintage Dress
This is my second Crafty Christmas. This year I'm intending to be much more productive and start early!

My family is small but were all very close so I hope to make something handmade for all of them.
This includes:
That Elf inspired sign for my brother!
7 PJ Bottoms
2 Men's dressing gowns (One for Boyfriend and one for my brother)
Hopefully some simple Sugar Scrub and Soaps and Bath Fizzies
Either Fabric Baskets or Bath bags to hold the bath treats
Teacup Candles

As I said last year, You can get great inspiration off of!

Edible Treats:
Hot Hot Chilli Jam with home grown chilli's
Some kind of holiday cookie's
Fudge for my Boyfriend
I have a tendency to get carried away so that will do for now. I'm off to make the Chilli Jam today!
Happy Crafting

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