Monday, 17 October 2011

Crafty Christmas Plans

Hello everybody.  My name's Jane and I blog over at Handmade Jane. I joined the Crafty Christmas Club last year and it was a great source of inspiration for gifts and ideas, so I'm back again this year. 

I'm trying to be realistic with the number of handmade gifts I make, so I've chosen tried and tested items that I've made before.  Here's my list - short but sweet:

Flannel PJ bottoms for my two boys using their existing pairs as patterns.

Pretty kid's wash bags for my nieces.  I make and sell children's wash bags at craft fairs so I'll be using my own method to make them.  It's pretty foolproof and I'll be putting together a tutorial to share in the next week or so if anybody's interested.

Lavender bags for my son's teachers. 
I've already done a tutorial for them here and can guarantee they're the easiest thing to sew ever!

Looking forward to seeing everybody's creations and ideas. x


  1. Hi Jane! I like the washbag idea very much and would love to see a tutorial!

  2. Would love to see your washbag tute too!