Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Christmas to do list from The Crafter's Apprentice

Hello, me again!  I've finally finished my Christmas present to do list, so here it is (items in orange are already made:

Mum - CRM cross stitch cushion - I've been working on this for a while
        - glasses case from this tutorial
        - slippers
        - mani pedi kit (can't find the link, I'll publish it when I've made it)
        - amigurumi pig
        - tea cup candle
         - pocket tissue pouch
        - Christmas decoration
I'll probably need a few more items for my mum, she'll also get homemade biscuits/sweets

Dad - glasses case
       - Flash drive keyrings
       - Keyboard duster
Arghhh!  Really stuck, dad's so hard and he has a birthday in November.  He's diabetic so maybe some diabetic biscuits and diabetic cookies in a jar

Mother in law - mani pedi kit
                      - Frilly apron
                      - Spa kit (I'll publish a tute when I've made it)
                      - tea cup candle
                        - glasses case
                      - pocket tissue pouch
                      - Christmas decoration

Father in law - glasses case
                     - non-frilly apron
Think I'll need more for FIL too, sweets and biscuits probably.  I was considering trying jam or chutney, but I'm not sure I'll have the time

Brother - Flash drive keyrings
             - Yoda amigurumi
             - crochet R2D2
I need some more things for my brother but I'm really stuck!  He'll be getting about 10 jars of "cookies in a jar" as I made him some last year and he loved them. 

Sister in law - mani pedi kit
                      - spa kit
                      - pocket tissue pouch

Niece 1 - mani pedi kit
              - Spa kit

Nephew to be (not born yet!)  - linen bunny

Sister and brother in law - table runner
                                        - matching tea towels

Niece 2 - Handbag

Nephew - shop bought

Grandma-in-law - embroidered cushion
                             - cross stitch book mark
                            - tea cup candle

Best friend - mani pedi kit
                  - Spa kit
                  - cross stitch frog pouch
                   - pocket tissue pouch
                 - fold up shopping bag

God daughter - alphabet chart
                        - crayon roll
                        - cross stitch bag

Friend 2 - mani pedi kit
              - Spa kit
              - tea cup candle
              - pocket tissue pouch

Friend's 3 year old son - crayon roll

Friend 3 - mani pedi kit
              - Spa kit
              - tea cup candle
            - pocket tissue pouch 

Friend's 9 month old son - I have no idea - help!

Aunty 1 - glasses case
             - patchwork pouch
               - pocket tissue pouch
               - fold up shopping bag

Uncle - Baked goods

Aunties 2 and 3 - fold up shopping bag
                           - pouch

Cousin's 2 boys - crayon rolls

Having been all organised and made a list, I'm now panicking!


  1. This is a loooooooong list!! I can't wait to see the linen bunny.

  2. For the items you're making multiples of, do assemblyline sewing to save time. Do all the cutting at once, all the interfacing, make all the handles at once - etc. etc. I would do the main gift(s) for each person first, then make the extras as you have time - that way if you run out of time you're not totally screwed (and you can always pick up little fillers at the store to round out the gift). For the 9 month old baby - make him a stuffy - you're ever so good at that, and you do lovely work! Add a couple of patchwork bibs (maybe with his name initial on them?) and you're good to go!

  3. Crikey, you're making loads! Spa kit sounds intriguing - looking forward to the tutorial.

  4. I am scared by how much you have made already! I need to get started with my makes.

  5. Woah. You've done loads already! For your friend's son, what about:




  6. Thanks for the suggestions Adele. I've already made him a taggy and a blanket - but the tshirt might be an idea. Thanks!