Friday, 21 October 2011

Pam's Plans...

Hi, I'm Pam from Threading My Way and this is my first year with the Crafty Christmas Club. I'm so looking forward to seeing all the wonderful creations made by everyone, as well as receiving feedback and suggestions for my own projects.

My first task as part of the Crafty Christmas Club is to show you my Christmas list (as it stands now), in the hopes that I'll be so motivated I'll finish all I set out to do.

  • A Christmas outfit for a Little Miss: I've just finished a circle skirt using this tutorial by Dana, from Made. Here's my take on the skirt. For the Christmas outfit, I'm planning on making the skirt with a red polka dot fabric and then making a white top. I'm not sure what style of top would go with the skirt.

  • A Christmas outfit for a Little Master. I have no idea what yet.

  • A purse: I'll base the purse on this tutorial, by Needle and Spatula.

  • A cover for a TOM TOM. I'll probably make my own pattern.

  • Some small purses, maybe with a frame or small zippered pouches.

  • A slightly larger framed purse.

  • A cushion in browns with some kind of appliqué. 

  • A couple of kid's belts.

  • An Art Caddy using a pattern from Gingercake.

  • For the males in the family, I have no idea yet.

I tend to get carried away with lists, so I'm stopping here. If time permits, I can always add to my list later.

Last year I tried to do away with wrapping paper and put all presents in Envirosax reusable shopping bags. This year I'm hoping to make bags of different sizes to wrap presents in. For small presents, I'll make bags based on my Treasure Bags

That's enough from me for tonight. I look forward to your feedback.

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