Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tilly's Crafty Plans

So... what am I planning on making this year? My initial thoughts are:
  • Limoncello in little bottles with pretty labels
  • Baby dresses for my niece
  • Pyjama bottoms, maybe in this lovely brushed cotton
  • Macaroons? Or some other edible treats
  • Napkins - whether these are embroidered or not will depend on how ambitious I'm feeling
  • iPad cover
I am still open to changing these plans and am eager to get some inspiration from what the rest of you are making. What are your plans?

Love from Tilly


  1. I've been taking requests this year from family! So far I need to do a couple of pin cushions, 2 cushion covers, boxy pouches, journal cover, table runner, placemats set, oven mits & pot holder... Gonna be busy again! Last year I got so many ideas from this group I didnt get round to posting anything myself. Will do better this year! (but am still looking forward to all the wonderful ideas from others!)

  2. I do like the look of the toddler dress - don't understand why it's called a jumper tho?!
    I don't have any firm ideas yet, maybe some mittens for my niece, possibly some cushion covers and some hats scarves and gloves. Looking forward to getting some inspiration from here tho!

  3. Brilliant plans, Tilly! I really like the wrappings in your photo. I'm making everything this year, so have started early. Will post photos, soon!

  4. Sarah you're lucky that your family puts in requests - I love it when mine do that - I hate guessing and making something that doesn't go over well!

    My crafting list has been finished for a while, so I have lots of sewing to do.

    - quilt set for a baby expected @ Christmas
    - quilts/pillowcases/stuffies for the little kids (DONE)
    - pillowcases, denim pouches, theme zipper bags, boxy and zipper bag sets, Snap Happy bags, kitchen linen set (requested by a niece),
    pincushion pins (I'm making these with beads and longish pins), cross-stitch ornaments and fun crafty supply items, and my favourite item - a Red Riding Hood tote bag, wet bag and dipes-n-wipes set for my sister (expecting her first grandchild this Christmas, hence the RRH theme, lol) :) My friend is going to teach me how to make cameos to embellish some of my bags, so I'm looking forward to adding fun stuff to my bags :)

  5. I am hoping to make a lot of gifts. I'm looking at vintage looking hats for my toddler and nephew, stick horses for my boys, naturally flavored coffees, and cute pi's for my sister, oh and a set of ornaments for some one. Yea for making Christmas gifts!

  6. I forgot and, little dollies for my nieces.