Monday, 24 October 2011

Hello Christmas Crafters!

Hi everyone :-) I'm Alison from anotherlittlecraftycreation. I've only been blogging since June and am still learnig to think of witty titles for blog posts, but I have been making Christmas presents for years and am running out of inspiration now (there are only so many knitted cuddly toys or pencil cases my dad needs!)

So far I am considering making:
- travel card cases for train tickets/Oyster cards (for Dad, brother, cousin(s)) I made up the pattern for one the other week for a birthday and it turned out really well, so I will have a go at making a mini tutorial later this week if people would like to see how it was made
- knitted berets (maybe for cousin, step-mum and possibly my aunt - will have to do some research to see if they would wear them and if so what colours)
- some type of sweets/chocolates in a hand-decorated box/jar
- attempt to knit some socks for my dad/uncle (anyone got a fool proof pattern for this?)

I am also going to the make lounge tomorrow to learn how to make lip balm, body scrub and bath fizzy things, with the hope that I can then make some at home for gifts.

After reading through all the ideas here, I am also considering some lemon curd (for anyone) and a bicycle seat cover (for my cousin)

This summer I have also been making pj bottoms for myself which I love, but I made the pattern from an old pair, so I'm not sure how I would adjust it to fit my skinny cousin properly!

Lots to think about, I think I need to ask people to do some subtle research for me.

Really looking forward to seeing what everybody makes (note to self: remember to take photos before you wrap gifts up)


  1. Can't wait to see it all! I'm doing a fair few pairs of socks, knitted up in a super chunky yarn - so I can easily churn out a pair in just one evening! - and I'll be sharing the pattern here, so watch this space! x

  2. My fingers ache if I use fine yarn, so really looking forward to seeing your pattern. I'm sure my dad could use some chunky walking-boot socks

  3. Hi, I've knit a couple of pairs of 'Slouch Socks' by Erika Knight, they are knit flat in a 8-10ply yarn and then you sew up the side seam. Happy crafting!