Saturday, 15 October 2011

This year I'm aiming for modest and achievable

Hi all, Marie here from A sewing Odyssey. I'm so excited that Crafty Christmas Club is back again...thanks Tilly! It's such an inspirational space and I really enjoy stealing seeing other people's ideas!

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart my plans where too ambitious for my tight time-scale and as a result, I didn't finish everything. So this time round I'm being realistic. My time is pretty limited again and I also selfishly have too many of my own sewing projects on the go. So my rather modest 'to make' list is as follows:

Luxurious coat hangers for a couple of special ladies in my life with very special frocks in their wardrobes. This tutorial came from a free Cath Kidston Sew & Make booklet that came free in last week's Telegraph newspaper.

I've photographed the booklet, so hopefully if you click on the picture it will become large enough for you to read. If it doesn't and you're interested, just comment below and I'll try to get it scanned in instead.

Super cute lavender bags. I plan on making them in sets of threes - two birdies and a heart! I haven't decided how many sets I'll be making yet. Again, this came from the same booklet I mentioned above.

As above I've photographed the booklet, but if you can't read it by clicking on the picture, let me know below and I'll try to get it scanned in as well.

Here's the template – you can print this and scale it up to your required size by scanning it (the tutorial recommends scaling it up by 400%).

A Colette Negroni for the boyfriend made with the snuggest, softest flannel ever! Without the boy I wouldn't even have a sewing machine, yet I've never to sew him anything to thank him. So this is a great opportunity to do so methinks! I'm sure I'll be referring to Peter's excellent-looking tutorial  once I get started!

I love receiving edible Xmas gifts, but I've never got round to reciprocating. I'm thinking fudge, because it's delicious, can be made in advance, has a decent shelf life and can be packaged beautifully.

The recipe which appeals to me most is for this delicious-sounding Peanut butter fudge. I will have to make two types though, as not everyone shares my obsession with peanut butter! So the second flavour is a toss up between these:


And that's it really! 

I've literally just started learning how to knit, so sadly I don't fancy my chances of knitting gifts this year. I'd absolutely love to give it a go next Christmas though!

I'm hoping to stay focussed and strong regarding my list, but you talented lot keep coming up with awesome ideas that are tempting me!


  1. Thanks for sharing these tutorials Marie, I really like the birdie lavender bags, think I will need to get making a few of those!

  2. Brilliant!! I'm making lavender hearts aswell and I have just seen that baileys and white choc fudge which would be perfect for my mam!!

    - Ellie @ Mammy Made

  3. So glad you both found this helpful...this is exactly why I love this blog! ;o)

  4. Can't wait to see how the Negroni goes! I might have to nick that idea... And make a kiddy version too!

  5. Can I be a pain and ask you to scan the coathangers one? It might be my screen, but i can't read the text very well. And I suppose I could work out the measurements myself, but if someone's already done it, why bother !

  6. I have made that little bird lavender bag -it's very cute. You can see the results here: Marie, now you've made me really want to make and scoff fudge!

  7. Oh yummy, fudge! Thanks for the idea - who doesn't like fudge? (Err... and thanks for getting Wham into my head... not.)

  8. Lore - no problem! I'll do it at work tomorrow and add it to this very keep an eye out ;o)

    Karen - I know what you mean! I'm thinking I need to test the fudge for the best flavour, before making it as xmas gifts!

  9. Oh and Karen...your lavender bags have convinced me that I've made the right choice ;o)

    Sorry Tilly...teehee!

  10. Ooh good luck with the Negroni! I really want to make one but I have no man to make one for. I think it's a lovely gift idea.

  11. Hi Marie, good call on the edibles, who doesn't like homemade sweet treats.

    Good luck with the Negroni shirt. I'd love to make one for my boyfriend, but just don't have the skills at this stage. But apart from pyjama bottoms there's not much else I can think to make him!

  12. Thanks Marie, I'll keep a lookout for the pattern. too cute.