Monday, 24 October 2011

Miscellany table runner update!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share an update on the table runner I'm making for my mum for Christmas (but giving to her at Thanksgiving). I put in a lot of time over the weekend on these improvisational blocks.

Here's a look at the blocks laid out and numbered. Our table is a unique size because my dad made it years and years ago, so it's going to be a bit wider than the Purl Bee version I'm using as inspiration.

I've never pieced like this and it's so much fun. I started building the blocks by cutting strips and then it became a game to see how I could use up scraps. After I lined up what I had I did a lot of math to see what I needed to do to get to the finished size I wanted and added to some of them as needed. I decided to put a border around each of them because I felt the combination of scrappy piecing and the eclectic collection of prints needed some consistency.

Here are a couple of blocks up close. Taking these gave me a chance to use our new tripod!

I just love this fabric collection!

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