Monday, 17 October 2011

When my brother came to visit this weekend he for some reason started talking about how he'd "really never wear a scarf, I mean, maybe for skiing, but not really."

... Ok... so scratch that project idea off the list.  Any ideas for a 20-year-old male who attends a military academy and thus has limited use for clothing/accessories and no use at all for housewares?  I'm a little stumped.

He's very into music and plays lots of instruments, he'll graduate with degrees in marine engineering with an emphasis on nuclear engineering, he loves our pet parrot, and last year I got him a bike that he rides the *&!* out of all over town.  Bike crafts?  Knitted parrot to hang in his room?  

Heeeeeelp.  :(


  1. Here's some ideas:
    -A homemade MP3 cover or cell phone cover
    -knitted stocking cap or fingerless/ convertable gloves.
    -a mix CD
    -A bike seat cover or bike handle bar covers
    -A handpainted waterbottle that he can carry with him on his bike.

  2. A tool roll for his bike/other tools
    A cover/carrier for one ofnhis instruments
    Knitted socks ?

    I'll be watching for comments here, I have a couple of guys that have the same interests as your brother. It's a tough one!

  3. you could make him a seat cover for his bike, or a little kit that wraps around the seat post & holds stuff like band aids & maybe a spare tube (if you make it big enough).

    cor maybe just a box full of delicious treats! most people like that kind of stuff :)

  4. My brother is 20 too and it's so difficult to know what to get/make.

    How about a toiletries bag?

    I made my bro little felt 'converse' hi-tops, filled them with stuffing and scented oil, attached the 2 shoes together with ribbon so that they could be used as little shoe freshners!

  5. you can buy him a harmonica and paint it...
    what music he is interested in?
    if he likes 60s I'll paint him (or tie-dye) a T-shirt...

  6. Ugh Men are so hard to craft for! My boyfriend has been asking for an iPad case for ages, but I am stuck for my other male gifties! I may have to resort to shop bought.

  7. You could make him a pannier for his bicycle... lots of people are upcycling swiss army ammo bags for panniers. You could base something on the shape of those?

  8. My mum made a bike wheel bag for my boyfriends mountain bike (he takes back wheel off to fit in in car). I've made him drawstring bags to pack shoes in when we go away - he uses them all the time. Strangely just today he said he wanted a pajama top - even suggested he wanted a striped one so that's his Xmas gift sorted.