Thursday, 9 December 2010

Super Quick Handmade Gift Tags - Tutorial

I wanted to add a handmade touch to my shop bought wrapping paper,and these are REALLY quick and straight forward to do! I already had everything needed either in my stash, or by making more use of what I had already bought for my wrapping scheme. So not only will they match inperfectly, but they're low cost too.

Once you've assembled all your supplies, you could run a dozen of these up in 15 mins (not kidding, that's all it took). They're so so simple to do, and you can vary the materials to give dramatically different looks. You'll need: wrapping paper, pencil, scissors/craft knife, glue/spray mount, tags/card,buttons, ribbon/cord. (/=or)

First step is to cut your wrapping paper shapes . These can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Being a bit of a slave to a theme though, I decided on geometric Christmas trees. I drew the design out on the back first, layered several scraps of paper and cut them all in one go.

Then glue the shapes to your tags or card. You could add other embellishments. Beads, sparklies, glitter, you name it. Whatever tickles your fancy or ties in with your scheme.

Loop ribbon or cord first through the button, then through the tag, then loop the loose ends of the ribbon through itself behind the button and gently pull tight, until the button sits snug against the tag. Et voila! Simple cute and unassuming.


  1. These are gorgeous! You've given me a dilemma now - too many lovely tag ideas!

  2. Thanks Tilly. Solution to your dilemma, do all of 'em and to heck with the consequences!

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  4. These look great! Good old Aldi!

    Lol, just realised that we both finished our recent posts with 'et voila!' : )

  5. Great minds Stitchybritt, great minds.... ;)