Sunday, 5 December 2010

Bibs and Cosy pj's

 I got a little gift sewing done this weekend ! Yeah!!  I have all little girls to sew for so I decided to sew them some flannel nightgowns with a blocket (blanket with a pocket).  These are my own simple designs.  My daughter picked out the fabric she thought everyone would like with different colours, pink, purple and blue.  The bear she is holding is called build-a-bear that talks and you can buy clothes for. 

The clothes are very expensive and I refuse to pay for something that I can maybe sew (her bear was a gift).  These bears are very popular (the girls all have one) here so I made a little nightgown and blocket to match and will be giving this set as a gift to each girl. I sewed one set today and only 6 more to go! 
I also sewed a modern bib (my own by accident pattern) and have about 8 more bibs and burp clothes to sew in this polka dot fabric that I love for a friend who just had a baby.


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