Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Presents for the parents

I gave my parents their presents when they visited this weekend so now I can share them with you all without fear that they might discover and the surprise being ruined.
The Ctr-Alt-Del pillows were for my father. They can go on the sofabed in his office and he can use them when he takes his nap.
I made them out of recycled jumpers and I think they turned out pretty good. He sure seemed to like them.

Another present for my father was this small bowl he can use for a bit of a snack when he is watching a film. I did the drawing myself and glued it to the bottom of the glass bowl from the outside. I then varnished the bottom for a nice finish.

My mother received these recycled spoon garden markers. I have earlier talked about how I made them in this tutorial over on Grey Duckling.

Finally, for my mother too I made this scarf using the very simple but effective basketweaving stitch that I have previously talked about on 'Roued is...' I made one of these for my father for his birthday and when my mother saw it she asked for one too!

Eddie from Grey Duckling


  1. Oh my gosh, the "computer cushions" are pure GENIUS!!! What material did you use for your applique, is it sewn/ironed on, and how did you "mimic" the font so accurately?? I HAVE to make some similar to these for my brother, do you mind?

  2. Hi Portia,
    No I don't mind at all. It wasn't really my idea to begin with. I had seen it online before.
    I decided to go with thin knit blouses from a charity shop. 3 grey blouses and 1 black. The font is just plain old 'Arial' that I printed out in the right size and used to cut it out in the black fabric, which I then sewed on. I think I may have to fit the applique after a while. I should maybe have used something that could have been ironed on to make it faster. It was quite fiddly to sew on to be honest. Maybe if you did it by machine it would be better.
    I would love to see a picture when they are done.

    good luck,