Monday, 13 December 2010

Raspberry jam for teachers

Our school is of the 'takes a village to raise a child' philosophy and it being such a small school (under 50 kids) they all have a part in the education and welfare of my girls.

So when I make a christmas gift I can't just make it for the teacher herself, it has to be for all 9 of them.   From itinerant hearing support, to the office lady to the teachers and principal.  They're all lovely people.

So this year. 


2 kilos of frozen raspberries / 2 kilos sugar / squeeze of lemon

Of course I just had to try it out !


And the cost of it all up was $30 for 12.5 jars of jam, including the jars which I bought new from a $2 shop, for $1 each.  Even cheaper if I would have had a nice collection of jars, but they were such a motley bunch that I couldnt go there for gifts !


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  1. Good idea. I did a some of these with chilli jam in them a couple of years back and they are great for a small present when you want to give something that is also useful and unique.