Friday, 10 December 2010

15 minute scarflette

I can't remember where I first found the directions for this skinny scarf, but I've made a lot of them since then. Start to finish, you need only about 15 minutes (seriously!) for each one. And they do add a surprising amount of warmth for such a skinny thing.

You need three different novelty yarns and a massive huge crochet hook. This one is an S, which is something in the neighborhood of 17-19mm. If you can't find one, you can probably just hook the yarn through using your fingers, though that would cut down on your speed just a bit.
This project is great for leftovers, since it only takes maybe 8-10 yards of each yarn. I didn't do many repeats using the same yarns, so I don't know how many you can make from one skein, but that would totally depend on which kind of yarn. The eyelash yarns tend to be only 25 yds or so, but the other two shown here have about 120 yds each.
One little tip on the furry stuff: don't try to pull from the center of the skein. It tends not to pull smoothly, so it's best to take the label off and work from the outside instead.

Leave a tail about 6-8" long (15-20 cm) and make your slipknot to start your chain.

Chain 80, or until the scarf is desired length.

Leaving another tail to match the first, cut your yarns and pull ends through last chain.
Cut 2 sets of yarn twice the length of your tail.
Insert hook into first chain at one end.
Fold over one set of yarn and pull through chain.
Pick up all yarn ends and pull through loop on hook, and give it a tug to secure.
Repeat on other end of scarf.

Line up ends, matching final knot, and trim up yarn so it's nice and even.

Bonus: a little pile of scraps you can use to gussy up your cards or something. Or you can just use it for stuffing in your next softie.

Fold over a couple times, tie up with festive ribbon, and you're done!

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