Thursday, 9 December 2010

Christmas Colour Palette

I bought my Christmas wrapping paper weeks ago. I don't tend to use "normal" wrapping paper. Preferring in the past to use poster paper, wallpaper, parcel paper, and florist cellophane to name but a few. I tend to like my wrapping to be a little outside the norm and look handmade. As if it's taken alot of time, thought and effort (which it usually has) if not alot of money (as we're seemingly always short of this!)

However the wrapping paper in question (above) was a mere 99p per 10m roll from Aldi (gotta love Aldi). So my money saving credentials remain intact. I've made my own gift tags to match (tutorial to follow) so my handmade credentials are also intact. Handily, I don't have to spend time agonising over a colour palette. It's all there in the wrapping paper.

A quick trawl through my supplies turned up these metallic red bells left over from last year's wrapping scheme.I incorporated them in my present toppers, so every time someone picked up their present, it would jingle in a festive fashion. Cute. I wired them with tigertail & bead crimps, so they're ready to use. Bit of time saved there, as that was a REALLY fiddly job last year!

I also love these traditional candy canes, so Ill fit these into my scheme too. Probably hanging on the tree ( but not on the door wreath!!). For some reason I'm loving childhood nostalgia even more since The Little Tornado came along.  This year is his second Christmas,and I just know he is going to be sooo excitable come the big day.

I bought the ribbon  from Ebay. (£6.20 inc P&P  for 10m each of Red, Green & Turquoise and 40m of narrow white ribbon. Bargain I think!) I was a little worried about trying to colour match from an online photo but needn't have worried. They match perfectly, and she's a great seller.

I also dug out these china teacups that I've had stashed for a couple of years (yes, I know. My name is Portia, and I am a hoarder.). I think they'll make great festive teacup candles (tutorial here) and will fit beautifully into the scheme. I 've a few other things planned. Mostly with a bit of origami and some papercraft.  Snowflakes, paper chains and the like. And so it begins.......!


  1. Gorgeous! I usually go for two colours, but the blue, red and green look great together. Looking forward to seeing some of your finished wrapping work...

  2. I've gone for a theme too for my presents! This year I have bought rolls of brown parcel paper and printed it with a traditional Santa stamp, and stamped people's names in red onto the top of the wrapped present, to avoid the inevitable label-loss-confusion! I have then tied everything up with red and green tartan ribbon, a candycane and some bells!
    I love a handmade element to wrapping, it always makes things look so individual and thoughtful! x