Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A few handmade gifts

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well! I've managed to get ahead with my handmade gifts, here's what's finished so far:

a Hello Kitty box made from a 1€ box that I painted and decorated with fabric and felt scraps

inside 3 bow hairbands and a bracelet made of a beautiful Japanese fabric, I'm hoarding this one like crazy and almost regretted cutting that tiny bit for the bracelet:) All of this is for my cousin/friend and I also sewed her some cute coral twill shorts -already wrapped- from a BWOF pattern.
Then we have gifts for my good friend/dentist:

a fabric vide poche and a bronze ring with a giant pink chrysanthemum hidden in the little sachet. I also made her a denim cap from a Japanese pattern but it's wrapped too :(
I'm sewing 2 dresses for my mum, I've made some bow hairbands for some students and I still need to make some bracelets, keyrings and bags for other friends, phew! As for MY gifts^^ you can see what I made here. Keep up the good work fellow crafters, see you!

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